I'm A Girl Who Codes





Coding a Brighter Future out of a Homeless Shelter.


“I let my failures go and then I got a different perspective” ~Alexis Olaes

At sixteen years old, Alexis Olaes resides at , a shelter for homeless and at-risk women and children. She is one of twelve girls who participates in Brookview’s , where middle and high school girls learn to code while also increasing their confidence and preparing them for the future. The goal: to equip the Club’s students with skills that will allow them to lead choice-filled lives and prevent future homelessness.

The lessons are paying off. Alexis is already learning to make websites, video games and apps. Plus, her confidence is growing. She describes the impact that learning to code has had on her, “This program is great because girls get to connect with each other while they learn how to use technology. I let my failures go and then I got a different perspective of what is possible.” 

When asked what advice she would give to a girl who is just starting to learn to code, she replied, “I would tell her to never give up. And that life is hard, but it can get better.”

if you would like to donate to or get involved with Brookview House and if you’d like to help bring a Girls Who Code Club to your community!


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