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A Day in the Life of a Teacher Who Codes: Week 6


Hi there! I’m Kristi, a teacher for Girls Who Code at Pixar, and I’m back at it with an inside look at week 6 of the  and Spirit Week at Pixar! Here’s the scoop.


Time to start ! We started by breaking up into groups and working on project timelines and plans. We started Spirit Week at Pixar with Pajama Day and wore PJ’s and sweats. 


Everyone wore different colors of the rainbow today for Color Day! The students spent all day working on their final projects while Amanda, Rhea, and I went around and answered questions. In the afternoon, Amanda and Rhea set up some songs for the groups to have a Karaoke battle! 



It was Dress Like a Pixar Employee Day for Spirit Week, so we all dressed like Pete Doctor, Danielle Feinberg, or John Lasseter - plaid on plaid on plaid. Once again, the entire day was spent working on final projects while Amanda, Rhea, and I helped with questions. All of the groups were making good progress!



The class dressed up like people from different decades today for Throwback Thursday! The class spent the day working on their final projects again. In the early afternoon, Amanda and Rhea set up an obstacle course so the students could play Minefield, a game where teams take turns being blindfolded and led through the obstacles by a teammate. We had a lot of fun doing this in the middle of Pixar - while getting curious looks from employees - and it was a good stress reliever!


Today was Halloween Day for Spirit Week and a lot of students dressed up like Pixar characters. They continued to work on their projects during the morning. In the afternoon, Amanda and Rhea hosted the Banana Olympics in honor of the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremonies tonight. We had to do different relay races involving bananas. The last relay was Amanda vs. me to see who could eat a banana faster. I don’t know how she did it, but she won! At the end of the day, the groups presented their projects, which looked awesome! I can’t wait to see the final projects!

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